Sherbet Milk Shake

- This sherbet kind of milk shake is known as "drinkable ice cream" whick is creamy, rich and thick. You can add Oreo cookie or vanilla ice cream to your milk shake.

Energy Shake

- Add whey protein to any kind of milk shake or smoothies, which means you make your own flavored energy shakes. It is not only a drink but also a booster to your body. It is favored by hard-studying, sports and energy-demanded persons.

Healthy & Functional Tea

100% Natural


Ice Milk Tea, Iced Tea & Iced Soda Green Tea

Iced Tea - made with freshly brewed and...


Chocolate Milk Shake & Iced Chocolate Milk Tea

Are you a Chocolate lover? If you are, these two kinds of chocolate drinks...


Ice Crush & Smoothie

Fruity slush with variety of juice flavors...


hot Grass Jelly


Hot Milk Tea & Hot Juice Tea

Did you know that out bubble tea can be served hot?


Coffee or Mocha Slush & Iced Coffee or Mocha Milk Tea

If you cannot decide whether you want coffee or tea, then mix them all.


Calpis Yogurt Slush & Calpis Yogurt Green Tea

Liquid calpis yogurt, fruit juice, high grade green tea...